Ginger Connects...... with women at every retreat and conference sharing stories of hope, love and laughter found in a daily relationship with Christ.  Ginger has been involved in women’s ministry since 1994 and whether in music, speaking or as a life coach in bible studies throughout her community.

Using Scriptures, stories and songs to help people encounter God so they can experience the fullness of His abiding presence. Below are powerful, inspiring and challenging message for your group. 


God wants to use you, to achieve his ultimate purpose in your life. The challenges of life become even more difficult when there doesn't seem to be any purpose for them. This powerful packed retreat package is filled with practical biblical how-to's. A Journey Worth Taking is an exciting journey for becoming the woman God created you to be - in your creation, your salvation, and your spiritual gifts.


Forgiveness is necessary for healing in your life, but it's not easy extending forgiveness when you've been betrayed, hurt or disappointed.  Invite Ginger to share her testimony of a broken relationship brought two relationships back together and today are still friends. Forgiveness is necessary, there's two sides of forgiveness; when you've been forgiven and when you extend forgiveness. Experiencing both sides gives you a freedom to new beginnings in life. With God all things are possible.


Ginger will take you on a journey that will give you journey of Mary's heart of Heavens in Her Arms.  Invite Ginger to your Christmas Ladies Celebration in 2018 for this inspire message and music that she will share with you that includes Mary Did You Know.

SILENT JOURNEY:  Ginger shares:
Contributing factors in creating a relationship based in domestic violence - self-esteem issues, financial inequality, and abuse - and how to recognize when you or a friend may be in an unhealthy relationship. Insights for friends and family of domestic abuse survivors who may not understand the complicated relationship between abuser and abused.

This is a must-hear speech for anyone whose life has been touched by domestic abuse, from survivors and family members. God is our Healer and Ginger will share her testimony of how God restore her faith and purpose for her life.

Other topics to adapt and fit into any theme, time frame and needs of your group. Do you need workshops include for your retreat, just ask and  Contact Ginger today at 727-237-1671 to schedule her for your next event. Email me at